Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Review: Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara

How are all you ladies doing? I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I've been in the motherland (aka Korea) these past couple of weeks.. and I KNOW I PROMISED MORE POSTS but... my grandmother's house has no wifi.... trust me.. It's been very painful.. but! TODAY! I finally had the time to sit in a cafe all day so I decided to update my blog.. teehee <3
Today I will be reviewing the Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara. wow, that's a mouthful. HAHA. Anyways. The last time I was in Korea, I did some serious damage to my savings with makeup and so this time, I've been trying to pace myself. This was my first makeup purchase here and I've been here for 3 weeks! I think I'm doing pretty good. Anyways, I will update my blog with all the products I will buy later when I do buy more things... so keep posted till then!
Onto the makeup then:

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