Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weekly Favorites: The Face Shop Radiance Concealer Dual Veil

One of my absolute favorite concealers is The Face Shop Radiance Concealer Dual Veil. This concealer is unique because it comes with both a liquid and a stick concealer in one product. I've really been enjoying this product these days because my skin has been doing that weird thing again where it peels and hurts. I think it's because of the constantly changing weather. But anyways I can't put on any BB Cream or foundation because it shows off my super dry skin. So I just put on this concealer with some powder on my hyper-pigmentation spots instead of applying a BB cream onto my whole face.

This concealer in Korea is already a very popular concealer. On a Korean beauty show called "Get It Beauty" This concealer ranked number one in their blind test section beating many other high end brand such as Clinique, Lara Mercier, Bobbi Brown and Benefit.

This product comes in three different shades: NB 17, NB 21, and NB 23. I purchased NB 23 because I need a darker shade whenever purchasing Korean skin products only because I'm not as pale as normal Koreans. When I was purchasing this product actually, I asked if NB 23 was the darkest shade they had and the lady was very rude and snapped back "Yes. Even men use this shade." Now I understand that the lady might have been having a bad day or something but the fact that she threw the whole guys use your skin tone concealer was very odd. I'm more concerned that the guys use concealer than the fact that I'm darker than most Korean males in Korea. 
Anyways back to the product:

 As you know, this product comes with both a liquid and a stick concealer. I absolutely love the liquid concealer. It blends into your skin very well and doesn't accentuate the dry areas of your face. The stick concealer is a little harder to work with since I personally think that the stick concealer isn't too creamy. It's actually very dry so blending it into your skin is a bit hard. I use the stick concealer as a lip concealer whenever I want to make a gradient lip or want to make a bold lip statement.

Final Ratings: 4/5

  • Cheap alternative to Bobbi Brown or Benefit.
  • Has two products in one, therefore you don't need to purchase two different products.
  • Cute packaging, very compact.
  • Liquid concealer blends in well.
  • Has almost full coverage.
  • The concealer is buildable.
  • Hygienic. Does not require you to stick your finger in a jar. 


  • Does not come in a wide color range. I think NB 23 is actually a bit too light for me but it was the darkest one they had.
  • Does not last on skin very long unless you set with a separate powder.
  • The stick concealer isn't very smooth or blendable.

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