Friday, June 6, 2014

1 Product, 3 Ways: Orange Eyeliner

I've recently started a new series on LXedit called 1 product, 3 ways where I describe 3 different ways to use one product. I've decided to use an orange eyeliner to start this series!
Also, a different series I've started on LX edit is called beauty Q&A.
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The color orange is big this summer! From cosmetics to fashion and accessories, everybody is seen sporting the trend.
Check out these 3 different ways to use a simple orange eyeliner that can surely brighten up your looks all summer long!

1. Pop Of Color


We often buy colors that seem gorgeous when purchasing, but we end up not using the color too often. Orange is a color that not everyone can be comfortable with using on the eyes. If you’re not up for using a bold orange color as your eyeliner, draw your normal eyeliner with your black eyeliner and apply the orange on top of the wing of your eyeliner as a pop of color.

2. Eye shadow

It’s no secret that eyeliners can be used as eyeshadow. Just apply your eyeliner all over your lids and blend out the harsh edges before the eyeliner dries. With this little trick, not only can you double up your eyeliner as an eyeshadow but also, your eyeshadow will last longer because eyeliners tend to have a more wax-based formula, which makes them adhere to your lids longer.

3. Blush

Similar to the eyeshadow trick, apply the orange eyeliner to the apples of your cheeks and blend it into your skin before the eyeliner sets. Like a cream blush, the eyeliner will stay on your cheeks longer than a regular blush because of the wax-based formula.

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