Tuesday, March 31, 2015

M.D.M : March Madness

Wow, we are already approaching the end of March... I can't believe it's almost April!
I wanted to spice it up a bit with sharing a bit of my absolute FAVORITE songs, movies, and dramas for this month! I wanted to start a new series called M.D.M. (Movies, Dramas, Music) I know...super creative...
I mean.. I do really like the brand MCM....so....hehe. HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY!
Please. I really REEAALLY love your output so if you guys want me to change ANYTHING or add anything, let me know!

1. K-Drama: Kill Me, Heal Me

You guys probably didn't know this about me, but I am the Queen of Korean dramas. I love sitting down for hours and binge watching dramas for hours especially during the breaks because... well what's better than fan-girling over the FEEEEEEELLSS.
Kill Me, Heal Me is a story revolving around Cha Do Hyun (JiSung) who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder and Oh Ri Jin, a psychologist in charge of treating Cha Do Hyun. Later on in the story, they find out that their pasts are a little more interconnected than they wanted though.
I don't want to disclose on too many details because I don't want to spoil the drama for those of you who didn't watch it yet but SERIOUSLY. THE FEELS.
This drama is a perfect combination of a romantic comedy.
I mean just look at this picture of JiSung:

I absolutely LOVE how the writer of this drama creates the character "Yo-Na" (who essentially is one of Cha Do Hyun's personalities) but she is just jaw-droppingly sassy and absolutely hilarious. Kind of reminds me of me... LOL

2. Korean Movie: Snow in the Sea (설해)

I have to admit. One of my absolute FAVORITE things to do is cuddle up with a nice movie. I love watching movies at the theater alone because it gives you a more intimate time to just pamper yourself.
I was searching for a nice movie to watch since it is spring break, and I came across this gem.
I'm not gonna lie. The plot line for this story is pretty predictable...but then again, it has an unpredictable twist at the end. I was surprised to see that this movie was so unpopular though, I mean Park Hae Jin and Lee Young Ah are both pretty popular. Anywho here is the trailer down below:

I mean, this wasn't the absolute BEST movie I've seen, nor is it going to be one of my most FAVORITE movies but it definitely was something nice to watch with a hot cup of apple cider. It's a bit sad though! So if you're having one of those days where you think crying will help you feel better, check out this movie.

3. Music: Baek Ji Young ft. Song Yubin Garosugil at Dawn
(백지영 ft. 송유빈 새벽가로수길.)

Now I know a lot of KPOP groups like Miss A and EXO have recently comeback with a lot of Spring- like upbeat songs. Don't get me wrong. I absolutely have no problem with these songs.
But something about this song and Song YuBin's voice just gets me. HAHAHA
Also, I used to watch Song Yubin in SuperStarK and I love seeing how the old contestants debut and present themselves within media.
I love the harmony between Baek Ji Young's slightly sharp vocals and Song Yubin's sweet voice.
One thing I don't understand though is why Song Yubin is featured in the song. I mean.. he practically sings more than half of the song.. In my opinion, it should be more like Song Yubin featuring Baek Jiyoung.

Anywhoooo that was one of my first talks on Korean media! what do you guys think? should I continue these series? Let me know down below!

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