Thursday, August 28, 2014

Review: Etude House Cushion Lock N' Liner

I'm sure many of you have already heard of the popular cushion BB creams. The cushion BB creams have been quite popular in Korea for a while now. But have you ever heard of cushion eyeliners? Etude House has a new line of cushion products unlike any you've seen before! Continue reading to find our more about the new Etude House cushion eyeliner!

Sigh.. It's summer and I really, REEALLLY want to go shopping. However, I am currently trying to save up to go to Korea with my siblings next summer.. and I'm super broke... so no shopping for me.
I just HAD to post this because I was so mad! My friend ordered this product  online and she did NOT like it one bit. She called me to review this product for her, and when I got it, you could say I was not impressed.

The idea of a cushion eyeliner, in my opinion is absolutely genius. I mean, many women are LOVING the BB cushions from many different companies. So.. why not create more cushions?
This product comes in many different colors:

I guess they have a pretty color range.. I mean.. nothing too crazy but every color seems pretty wearable on a daily basis.
This is how the product comes. 
I love how they give you a small portable eyeliner brush with the product. So, if you need to retouch the eyeliner, you can anytime.
The product itself comes sealed with a separate lid on top of the lid of the packaging. As you can see, once you open the seal, you get the cushion product. I like how the product has two seals, that way it won't dry out fast. However, this double lid compartment was NOT enough to keep the product moist. 

No matter how hard I pressed into the product, the brush was not picking up much product. Also, I tried putting my finger into the product and it barely picked up the product. 

Just look at the swatch:
As you can see, the pigmentation is NOT very strong at all.. and there are dry flakes within the eyeliner itself... I don't know about you but I do NOT want to put this onto my eyes...
I don't know if my friend's was just  a bad product or if the product itself is like this. But all I can say about this product is that it was a big disappointment. :(


  1. I think this innovation is just a failure :( Such a disappointment. Thanks for the review dear.


  2. The packaging look so cute! but when you swatch, it looks worse :(

  3. I heard there was a recall issued from Etude house on this product, because the sponge was absorbing and drying up all the liquid. It's kind of pointless having gel liner in a cushion though, I think that's going a little too far with the whole cushion trend!


  4. I think they are trying to ride on the cushion trend, as there are quite a few check blushion cushion products out there now


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