Thursday, August 7, 2014

Weekly Favorites: VDL Expert Color Lip Cube

Hello! I'm back with yet another lip product review! I guess I really am addicted to lip products. This time, its the VDL Expert Color Lip Cube (aka Wonder Girls SoHee Lipstick!)

So.. In my defense, (I feel like I have to explain why I have so many lip product reviews) my aunt recently came from Korea to visit and brought over a couple of these lipsticks as gifts for my sisters and me. HOWEVER because my younger sisters don't wear makeup... they're all MINE! MUHAHA.

So, this product became famous in Korea after SoHee made an appearance on Get It Beauty. SoHee currently endorses the makeup brand VDL so.. I'm guessing this was to promote the product.
As you can see on the left, she was explaining how to use this interesting product.

VDL claims that this product has:

  • a silky moisture formula
  • SPF 10
  • Long lasting power (up to 12 hours)
  • A unique design to create an edgier look.

What is really unique about this lipstick is that it is not in the shape of your everyday lipstick. It's literally shaped in a cube tube, hence the name Expert Color Lip Cube.

VDL explains that they came up with this unique shape because of the multifunction of the cube shape.

VDL Claims that you can use the edges of the lipstick to line your lips and use the actual surface area of the lipstick to fill in your lips with the color of choice.

However, what amazes me is not the shape but the actual product. You would think because of the crazy colors and pigmentations, that the product would be really dry and matte. However, the product itself is quite moisturizing!
I was super surprised when I swatched the products for the first time! The consistency of this product is almost buttery because of the smoothness of this lipstick! Also, the pigmentation as you can guess is also AMAZING!
This product comes in many different shades:

My aunt ended up picking up 3 shades:

  • 305 Raspberry Jam (라즈베리 잼)
  • 105 Pink Positive (핑크 포지티브)
  • 606 Flower Power (플라워 파워)

These lipsticks are actually not as cheap as most products I review! LOL They retail for about 20,000 Won which converts to about $20 USD.
I guess VDL is a more high end brand than the typical road shops. (Let me know if you want a Korean makeup brand analysis!)

All in all, I absolutely ADORE the colors my aunt picked up! They're the perfect colors to rock in the spring and summer.


  1. Hi! I've nominated you for the Liebster award :)

    Those colors are so pretty! The cube shape looks pretty interesting, lol.

    x Suzy

  2. I love the shade of this lippie and omg its SoHee! Anyways, would you like to follow each other via GFC and other social medias? Follow me then and do let me know:)

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