Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Korea Haul :)

I'm back with a Haul post! Well... Not really haul since these were gifts from people but still.. the newest additions to my makeup collection! ALSO... I was thinking of doing a makeup collection post... let me know if you would be interested!!

So.. My grandmother came back from Korea today with goodies in hand! The products that she got me are:

  1. Skinfood: Pomegranate Facial Oil
  2. Mamonde: Everyday Sun Cream
  3. Skinfood Vitatok Lip Gloss in Pomegranate Ade and Grapefruit Ade
  4. Etude House: 3 Step Lash Perm VolumeCara
  5. The Whoo: Gongjinhyangmi Luxury Lipstick
  6. Missha:White Cure Blanc Sun Protector
  7. Skinfood: Eggplant Soft Stick Eyeshadow in Gold and Black
  8. Etude House: Oh My Line Liquid Eyeliner in Black.
Here are the close-ups of some of my favorite products!
The Skinfood Eggplant Soft Stick Eyeshadows in Gold and Black. GAH the shimmers are so gorgeous.

<--Swatches of the Stick Eyeshadows and the lipstick.

However, my FAVORITE product is hands DOWN the Whoo Lipstick. JUST LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS PACKAGING!!!!!! MY GOODNESS the little key chain on the lipstick turns into a lip brush. IT LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING ROYALTY WOULD WEAR! Excited to do a review on this product!!!!

 I also got a couple bracelets and an earring set! I don't really know what the "M" stands for.. but I guess it's kinda cute!
 Please let me know if you want any in depth reviews of any of the products!
Thank YOU grandma <3


  1. Hi! I would be interested in a makeup collection post ^.^ An avid reader of yours XD

    1. Aww thank you for always reading my posts! I'll definitely try to pst a makeup collection post!

  2. please do reviews on the Mamonde: Everyday Sun Cream and Etude House: Oh My Line Liquid Eyeliner in Black & 3 Step Lash Perm VolumeCara

    1. I'll post them as soon as I get to use them :)

    2. I love to read your blog and I followed you ..can you follow me too? I learn a from your blog!

    3. Of Course! I'll do it right now!


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