Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Beauty Secrets: 5 Korean Date Makeup Tips


I know we all want to look our best whenever we go on dates. One thing we cannot forget to do before we go on a date is makeup! Here are some tips many Korean women enjoy applying to their makeup whenever they go on dates. Continue reading to find out how to make your date's heart flutter with gorgeous makeup!

1. Face Makeup

Use a base with a dewy finish with your favorite foundation. You should mix the two products so that they are 1:1. Don't forget! As spring approaches,our clothes get lighter and thinner so we should also apply this rule to our makeup! Instead of heavy face makeup, try to keep it light-handed and simple! Another important tip is to use a sponge when applying your face makeup! A sponge makes your makeup look airy and light just like the air between pastries, we should also want our makeup to have a light, airy effect!

2. Under Eyes

We all know none of us gets as much sleep as we want to, and so naturally, our eyes create dark circles under our eyes. Dark circles make us look sickly and diseased! So make sure you cover up those under eye dark circles. Instead of using an everyday concealer for your under eyes, I learned that it's better to use a corrector with an orange tone to balance the natural bluish colors of our under eye bags. Also, its better to use a brush when applying corrector because it gives a more light and clean finish.

3. Eye Shadow

One color that will never go wrong during a date is PINK! However, using pink alone makes the eyes look puffy and the crease may look too big. You can cancel this effect of pink by using a light shimmery eyeshadow base. Whites or champagnes usually go well with pink! Also, the color pink makes your eyes look more youthful and cute, perfect for triggering the protective sides of our dates! hehe. Another color that goes very well with pink is brown. You can use a shimmery brown eyeshadow to give the eyes some definition. Use a brush and apply the eyeshadow up to your crease. It's important to use a brush because darker colored eyeshadows can be harder to fix if you make a mistake.

4. Eye Liner

Since we're going for the cutesy and innocent look, using too much eyeliner would not go well with this look. Use a small amount of gel eyeliner and just fill in the upper lash line to give your eyes more definition. To give your eyes a rounder and cuter look, apply your eyeliner thicker in the beginning of your eye and the outer third of your upper lash line. In the middle 2/3s of your lash-line, just try to make your eyeliner as thin as possible.

5. Eyelashes.

Many Korean men like women with long hair. Unfortunately this standard is held even within the woman's eyelashes. Many women have a hard time putting on eyelashes because the glue can easily get super messy. One trick is to cut your false eyelashes into many smaller pieces and applying them piece by piece. That way, your eyelashes will look more natural and it'll be easier to apply! Also, don't forget to apply mascara after applying your false eyelashes to blend in your real and false eyelashes!
What do you think? Now that you've learned the tricks and tips to an innocent look for date makeup, try it out and go win the heart of that person you've been keeping in your heart!

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