Friday, May 2, 2014

Review: Etude House Color Lips Fit Tint

I might be a little late on the Etude House bandwagon, but I definitely do know now why these little lip tints have been so popular in Korea! Check out why down below! :)

The Etude House Color Lips Fit is the dupe for the YSL lip stains! And this past year, YSL's lip stains have been a huge hit in the Korean market thanks to Chun Seong Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) in the drama "My Love from the Stars."

The Etude House Color Lips Fit line does not have as many colors available as the YSL glossy stains but they do have a good range from beige to pinks to reds and even oranges.
One thing that's different about this product though is that it's actually a matte version of a lip tint. I know many companies have been coming out with lip lacquers but I think Etude House is the first to come out with a range of matte lip lacquers, therefore receiving a lot of attention in the Korean beauty market today.

Another thing is they also have a glossy clear lip gloss if you don't like their matte finish.

I ended up picking their PK 003 Fantasy Fit Pink because I really wanted to try a pink matte color. Like every other Etude House product, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous.
The product comes with a doe foot applicator, which is always pretty easy to use. The only downside to this applicator is that you can't really control how much product comes out.. but other than that, it's a really nicely packaged product.
The product itself is very creamy, unlike many matte products. It applies just like a normal lip gloss yet dries to a matte finish.

One thing you need to be careful about though with this product is that it does NOT allow you to have chapped lips. Make sure you exfoliate your lips and apply lots and lots of lip balm before applying this product.
I mean, like I said before, its a nice DUPE to the YSL lip stains. And well.. a dupe is not the original. However, one nice thing to this product that I absolutely adore is that it smells like cotton candy. If you don't like products that smell artificial, I would suggest you stay away from this product.

Overall Rating: 4/5

  • Cheap: retails for 8,000Won which is about 8 USD.
  • Smells like cotton candy. SO YUMMY.
  • Creamy application. You don't need to worry about applying the lip tint as much as having to worry about the condition of your lips.
  • Dries as a matte finish
  • Adorable packaging


  • Makes your lips appear very dry.
  • Settles into the fine lines of your lips after completely dry.
  • Does not last long on the lips.. one maybe two hours max.

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  1. The tint look really nice on yoU!!
    I personally was a little disappointed with this tint ><
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    xx Charmaine

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