Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Beauty Secrets: Korean Deep Cleansing Method

I’m sure we all want to go to the spa and pamper our skin whenever we want to but often times, we aren’t able to find the time or money to go to the spa regularly. Here is a skincare remedy that has been really popular in Korea lately! It’s super cheap and quick so it’s easy to try!

The secret ingredient that many Korean Spas have been using in their facial care treatments these days is: Carbonated Water. Yes. You read it right. Not diamonds or gold flakes but carbonated water. The carbonated water cleansing method is actually really well known in Korea for many famous actresses such as Kim Hee Sun and Go Hyun Jung are avid fans of this sparkling water cleansing method.
(Can you believe these women are in their forties?)
The magnesium and the calcium within the carbonated water helps emit the impurities in your skin as the carbonation heats your skin. Because of the heating of the skin, using carbonated water as a cleanser also improves blood circulation in the face which reduces bloating.
One thing to keep in mind is that although you’re using carbonated water, it has to be 100% mineral water without any artificial flavoring or scents. The flavoring can actually cause irritation in the skin!
There are three different methods to the carbonated skin care routine:

Once a Week:

Fill a bowl with carbonated water and mineral water with a 1:1 ratio. It’s nice to use mineral water but just distilled or tap water is fine too. After creating a 1:1 ratio, soak your face in the bowl for about 15 seconds. Do not soak your face for more than 15 seconds because the deep cleansing properties of the carbonated water may be too harsh on your skin.

Once a Month:

Fill a bowl with only carbonated water. After pouring the carbonated water into the bowl, soak your face into the bowl for about 5-10 seconds. Do not rinse after using the carbonated water, just pat your face with dry hands so that the carbonated water can really soak into your skin and press lightly with a dry face towel. Once again, don’t soak your face for too long because the carbonated water may be too harsh on your skin.
This method is actually not recommended if you have sensitive skin because the harshness of the carbonated water can cause irritation on your skin.

Once a Day:

After completing your daily cleansing routine, pour a small amount of carbonated water onto a cotton pad or cotton ball and apply the cotton pad all over your face.
The results of this cleansing method include brighter skin and a more controlled amount of sebum on your skin. This method is really good for hyper pigmentation spots or acne scars because the carbonated water will really bring out the impurities on your skin.

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  1. wah~ this is very interesting to know! I saw in Get it Beauty before and so far the only brand that has carbonate powder is Etude House Wonder Pore Soda Powder. Have you tried that? or do you have any other soda powder from other brand?

    Mira | http://lemieletlavanille.blogspot.com


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