Friday, April 18, 2014

Beauty Secrets: 5 Tips to Natural Korean Beauty

Looking at the music charts in Korea, right now the charts are dominated by both Akdong Musician and IU with High 4. I found that both IU and Soohyun from Akdong Musician, unlike the usual K-POP stars with heavy eyeliner and mascara, have a very natural makeup look. I wanted to give a few tips on how to recreate the natural and innocent makeup look.

1. Using BB or CC Cream

Instead of using a heavy foundation, using a BB or CC cream can easily cover up hyper-pigmentation spots and give you the coverage you want without making your face look cakey. A BB Cream (which stands for Blemish Balm) has skincare benefits while also providing the skin with a more natural appearance. If you feel like a BB Cream is still too thick for your skin, I would recommend you try out a CC Cream. CC Creams (Color Control Creams) are very light in texture and do not provide as much coverage, for those of you who aren’t looking for a product with heavy coverage.  I would recommend you try out the Dr Jart Silver Label BB Cream of the Rachel K Cosmetics CC Cream.

2. Use a Brown Eyeliner

The reason why many Koreans enjoy the natural Korean makeup look is because it looks as if you don’t have any makeup on while in reality, you’re wearing just enough makeup to cover your imperfections without looking like you have a lot of makeup applied on your face. One way to avoid looking like you have makeup on is by using a brown eyeliner instead of using the normal black eyeliner. The brown eyeliner will seem more natural because it won’t be as harsh on your eyes as the black eyeliner.

3. Using False Lashes

That’s right. I know it may seem like Falsies may be like actually applying more makeup, the secret to natural eye makeup in Korea is actually false eyelashes. Many Korean actresses including Jun Ji Hyun from the recent drama “You Who Came From the Stars” actually do not put any eyeliner or eyeshadow on their eyes. Instead, they cut the false eyelashes into many small pieces and apply the false lashes on their eyelashes in order to make their eye seem like they have eyeliner on. By focusing the fake eyelashes on the outer third of your eye, the shadow that the eyelashes create actually make it seem like you’re wearing eyeliner.

4. Focus on your Lips

Many Korean actresses and Korean singers do not put on much eye or cheek makeup. However, one thing that Korean celebrities enjoy focusing on is their lip color. The most famous Korean lip makeup look is the gradient lips. The gradient lip looks as if you just finished sucking on a lollipop or a popsicle for it focuses the color on the inner half of your lips. By creating the appearance of kissable and plump lips, many Korean celebrities are able to create a youthful and innocent look. An easy way to recreate the gradient lips look is by using a lip tint. I would recommend experimenting with many different lip tints to see which one is your perfect match!

5. Light, Light, Light

Lastly, you need to remember to keep a light hand on every product you use whether it be powder or eyeshadow. Many Korean celebrities apply just enough product to barely be seen. By doing so, your makeup look will seem more natural and effortless, while the makeup will still provide the benefits you’re looking for.

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