Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Beauty Secrets: Spring Cleaning Makeup Edition!

Whew. Spring is almost coming to an end as it is now time for SUMMER~~
Spring time means.... cherry blossoms festivals ... and ... well ... cleaning. Spring is a nice time to clean and throw out things so that you're prepared for the seasons ahead of you. One place we often forget about however is our makeup bags! If you use makeup every day like many women, then you know how unorganized your makeup bag can get. Use the tips below to put your makeup back into place!

Consider How Long It's Been Around.

We often go through our makeup collection and pick up a product that we forgot even existed. You should consider throwing a couple products out especially because it can collect bacteria if left long periods of time. Here are some signs that tell you to throw out the product:
1. It smells. 
Expired makeup will have a rancid, sometimes chemical smell that signals the breakdown of the chemical integrity of the product. Lipstick and mascara are especially vulnerable to deterioration as they are where bacteria is most likely to accumulate.

2. It changes color. 

Products that contain oil are at a greater risk of oxidization – a process where the oils can react to outside air and darken the shade of  your product. Color changes can also occur if products in glass jars are kept in sunlight, or if products are not properly sealed before closing. Applying it on your face can result in more than a color change, though, so best to bin! 

3. It changes texture. 

Once products change texture, you know its definitely time to throw these out. Some examples include when the oil in your foundation starts to separate or when products start to become more watery than they were before.

Throw Away Broken Items

A lot of the time, we keep broken products around because we feel like we can still use the product within the broken packaging. However, we tend to not grab these products once they're broken because we know that they are broken. Also, our makeup bags will have weird stains everywhere because of the product spilling out of the broken packaging!

Clean Your Bag

Lastly, getting your makeup bag in the best shape isn’t just about the contents. You also need to clean the inside of the bag since it’s bound to have some little makeup marks and other blemishes. The easiest way to do this  to use basic disinfecting wipes you can get at the drug or grocery store.
After you remove the contents of the bag wipe the inside thoroughly and repeat the process one or two more times. Let it dry before you put your makeup back in the bag. You can also use those disinfecting wipes on the outside of your makeup bag as well if it isn’t made of a material that’s easily damaged like natural leather.

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