Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beauty Secrets: Korean Spring Beauty Trends

After a long winter, spring is finally in the air! Which means, it's finally time to change up that make-up routine! Here are some of the spring trends that have been very popular in Korea.

The overall theme in Korean makeup this spring is pastels! As you can see, the three areas where this pastel colored theme appear are the eyes, cheeks, and lips!


Unlike the winter, where heavy eyeliner and darker eyeshadow colors were in the trend, this spring, it's all about light and pastel colors. Avoid darker browns and blacks when it comes to eyeshadow and eyeliner. Rather than the traditional black and brown eyeliner, try a bright green, blue, or pink. If you don't own a eyeliner of such bright colors, do not worry! Try lining your eyes with eyeshadow. Not only does this alternative create a softer look, it also gives you more variety when it comes to makeup! Products like the Zoeva 88 Eyeshadow palette are going to be super handy this spring for you get to try every color of the rainbow!


With softer eye makeup, many Korean celebrities have made their cheek makeup the main focus of their daily spring makeup. Unlike other times where Korean celebrities actually do not apply much face makeup, this spring many Korean celebrities have been enjoying either a light pastel cheek color or a bright and bold cheek color. The bright pink trend has been a trend that started last summer with an accentuated bright lip but the lip is no longer in focus. Many celebrities have been applying such bright colors on their cheeks rather than their lips. If you're looking for a pop of color on your cheeks this spiring, I would recommend that you guys check out either the Rouge Bunny Rouge in Original Skin Blush Gracilis or the Sleek Blush in Pixie Pink. If you have darker skin, I would recommend you go for the bright and bold cheek trend rather than the pastel colors because the pastel colors often don't show up very well on darker skin. On the other hand, I would recommend that those with lighter skin try out the pastel colors because the brighter, bolder colors may be overwhelming to those with lighter skin tones.


If you're not too fond of applying such bright colors on your eyes or cheeks, try out bright lip colors! The bright lip trend has been loved in Korea since last summer, all throughout the winter, and it doesn't seem like this trend is going to end anytime soon. If pinks don't appeal to you, try out an orange or peach color! Orange has been a strong statement color in Korea that many actresses such as Yoo In Na from "My Love Who Came From The Stars" has been loving. Similar to the cheek colors, if you have darker skin warm toned skin, orange is the color to stick with because the color orange naturally compliments darker skin tones where as if you have lighter cool tone skin, I would recommend you go with bright pinks and reds because pinks tend to compliment lighter skin more than they compliment darker skin tones. If you're looking for an orange color, check out the Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Peaches and Cream. Whereas if you're looking for a bright pink lip color, try out the LAQA & CO Fat Lip Pencil Lambchop!

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