Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter.

Happy Easter everyone!
I seriously hope everyone had a blessed day today.
I just wanted to update you guys on a couple of things.
I know many of you guys know that in Korea right now, there has been a tragic incident regarding the Sewol ferry that was carrying about 400 passengers. The ferry somehow began to sink and currently there are about 280 high school students that are missing.
I know this may just sound like a news update and may not matter in many of your lives but to me, it really hit me hard. One of my best friend's sister was in that ferry and her sister has still not been found.
I find it hard for me to update on makeup when my friend is mourning over her sister.
I will try to update but please do understand if updates are not as frequent. 
but please. do keep South Korea in your prayers.

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