Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Review: The Face Shop Mango Seed Facial Butter

Many people in Korea actually refer to this product as the "Suzy Butter" because Suzy from Miss A is the main sponsor of The Face Shop. I actually opened up this product a couple of weeks ago but forgot about it and came back to it a couple days ago. I'm just wondering... why oh why did I forget this product? This product is absolutely amazing for dry skin but not as much for combination/oily skin.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Mango Seed line, here is a picture of all the products. 
The Mango Seed line claims to:
  • Contain extracts of mango from Sudan 
  • Contains ingredients obtained through fair trade
  • gives long lasting radiance
  • Say Goodbye to dry skin - 5 Solutions : puffiness, itchiness, poor absorption of makeup, poor elasticity, redness
  •  Formulated without 7 additives
  • Dermatologicallyt Tested

So first things first.I absolutely ADORE the packaging of this product! I think it's so cute!

Like the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack, this product also comes with a scooper. I actually think this product would be very hard to use without the scooper because the consistency is actually like a butter.

 Honestly, other than the consistency of this product, I can't say I really like this product at all. I don't like how this product has an artificial mango scent. The product itself smells great.. if you were to eat the product. I don't like having the Mango scent on my face. I also read reviews on this product saying that people with sensitive skin should avoid the product because it caused redness in some people's eyes.

 One thing that I do like about this product however, is the consistency. Just look at how much like butter this looks like! It looks as if you should just spread it all over toast and gobble it up for breakfast.

 The product does absorb into the skin very well. It leaves a silky and cooling finish. It does not leave any sticky residue on the face either. However, I felt that the skincare benefits of this product did not last as long as claimed because after a couple of hours, my skin would feel even dryer than before applying the product.

Final Rating: 3/5

  • leaves no sticky residue
  • claims a lot of skin care benefits
  • silky cooling finish
  • may be good for dry skin
  • no silicone in the product
  • Hygienic


  • Pricy for the amount of product (retails for 22,900 Won which is about 23 USD)
  • Does not perform many of the claimed benefits.
  • Scent is very strong.

P.S. this may or may not be the reason why I bought this product.

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