Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Beauty How To: Remove Makeup

I know that we all enjoy putting makeup on but I think the most important thing when it comes to makeup is understanding how to actually remove it. No matter how many skin care products we use, if we don't thoroughly remove our makeup first, the skin care products will have no use. I've decided to start a series where I share simple tips and tricks to some of the newer makeup junkies, the first one being How To Remove Makeup.

As you can see there are many different products you can use to remove your makeup. However, I came to learn that one product cannot completely remove ALL the makeup on your face. The products that I use most often are: makeup wipes, cleansing water, oil based removers, cleansing oils, and foam cleansers. Each one has it's pro's and con's.

1. Cleansing Wipes

In my daily evening routine, I like to use cleansing wipes first to start removing my makeup. I learned that cleansing wipes are generally good to remove face makeup. They don't actually work well with waterproof makeup, therefore they can't remove heavy eye makeup too well. I use the Ginkgo Natural Cleansing tissues. One downside to this product is that it has no opening that can open and close with each use. Therefore, I ended up just putting it into a big zip-lock bag and have to dig into the packaging every time I want to use a makeup wipe. I call it a toilet roll because you always have to look for the last wipe in order to rip off a new wipe. In other words... the packaging sucks. Some of the other makeup wipes I've used include the Neutrogena Wipes and the Innisfree Natural Olive Makeup Wipes. If you have any questions regarding any of the products mentioned in this review, just ask down below!

2. Oil Based Remover

An oil based remover is a product that separates into two different parts: the oil, and the cleanser. Most often, you shake it up and pour it on a cotton puff or cotton ball and apply the cotton puff onto your eyes to remove your makeup. Oil based removers are best for stubborn waterproof eye makeup. I've come to realize that for removers, the brand actually does not matter too much. I've used the Bobbi Brown Eye remover and the Target Up and Up remover, yet I do not see much of a difference between the two products. Both do an equally good job in removing your makeup. So.. If you don't have like $50 to spend on merely a remover, I would recommend that you just get the generic drugstore brand because both work great in removing your makeup.

3. Cleansing Water.

After using the oil based remover, I like to use a cleansing water to remove any excess oil or makeup residue. Similar to the oil based remover, you also apply the cleansing water on a cotton pad and gently swipe your face to remove any excess oil. Unlike the remover however, I think you need to be more careful when selecting a cleansing water, only because you apply this product on your entire face where as you apply a oil based remover only on your eyelids. I've learned that if you're not careful some products can cause breakouts especially if there are chemicals within the product that do not fit your skin. I personally really like the Bioderma Sebium H20. I know that many beauty youtubers have already raved about this product but I can understand why when I use the product. It gently removes all excess sebum and makeup without irritating the skin or leaving a sticky feeling. I would recommend the pink sensibio for those who do not have oily skin and the green sebium H20 for those with oily skin.

4. Cleansing Oil

On regular days, I do not use a cleansing oil after using all the products mentioned above. However, if I feel like I still need to remove the makeup on my face, I use a cleansing oil before I proceed with my foam cleanser. You apply a cleansing oil onto your face and gently rub the areas of your face that you think need to be removed. Then you add water to gently melt away any excess makeup. You cannot however add water before applying the oil because well... water and oil do not mix so if you apply water before you apply the cleansing oil, the oil will not be able to dissolve any of the makeup that is on your skin.

5. Foam Cleanser

Lastly, I use a foam cleanser to remove all the products I've used once and for all. As you can see, I have two different cleansers for the morning and night. I use a makeup removing foam cleanser for the evening and the oil free acne wash for the morning. Honestly, the Neutrogena Acne has not done much to prevent any of my acne but at the same time it hasn't broken me out so.. I guess it's okay. The Estee Lauder cleanser however, you need to be more careful with because it actually strips your face completely dry. Using only a pea sized amount is enough for your entire face. I think it's important to find a cleanser that not only removes makeup but also does not remove all the moisture from your face. 

Well. Those were all the cleansers I use for now. I recently received Konjac sponges so I'm excited to try those out. If you have any questions, shoot them down below!


  1. how do you like the innisfree green tea cleansing water?

    1. It's not the best cleansing water I've used but it's decent for it's price. It's good for your face but it stings your eyes so avoid your eye area. If you're looking for a good cleansing water I would recommend either the clarins cleansing water or the bioderma one.


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