Monday, March 31, 2014

Beauty Secrets: 6 Secret Ingredients in Korean Skincare Products

With the wave of K-POP and Korean Dramas entering many other nations, Korean skincare has also become an international interest to women all over the world. This is because the ingredients Korean skincare products often cannot be found in the generic American brands. The reason that so many of these products include such unique ingredients is because Korean skincare products all focus on the concept of having natural products. Many of these ingredients all serve a different purpose, therefore women of all skin-types and skin tones can use these products. Here is a list of 6 unique ingredients that may be the answer to your skin troubles:


1. Snail Essence

I know that the idea of putting snail slime on your face may not be the most appealing but the snail essence trend has already become one of the most popular skincare ingredients in Korean skincare products. Snail slime products claim to have scar lightening, wound healing, skin- regenerating, and anti- wrinkle benefits. According to dermatoligist Macrene Alexiades- Armenakas, “Snail mucin extract is a complex blend of proteins, glycolic acids and elastin.” The slime of the snail is the very reason why snails are able to move over sharp rocks and twigs. The mucin naturally protects the snail’s body while healing the cuts at a faster rate.

2. Green Tea

Not only is green tea absolutely delicious, it also works wonders for your skin. Green tea is loaded with moisture, therefore whenever you need that extra burst of water on your skin, try looking for products with green tea extract. Not only does green tea provide moisture for your skin, but it is also loaded with antioxidants that provide extra vitamins to your skin. These antioxidants work as an anti-inflammatory ingredient. Therefore, when you have troubled skin, green tea is a natural and gentle way to reduce inflammation while also providing moisture to your skin.

3. Fermented Soy Bean

Fermented Soy Bean is one of the best products in skin care products when looking for anti-aging products. The fermentation of the product means that the product actually has Soycol-G within the product which is an elastic complex collagen activator that strengthens the elasticity of the skin. The product contains lots of collagens which helps with wrinkling.

4. Ginseng

In Korea, ginseng is one of the most popular herbal roots that many people use in both cooking and skincare. This is because ginseng has an ingredient complex that helps boost the skin’s appearance making one appear more youthful. Not only does ginseng give one anti-aging benefits but also has anti-inflammatory effects especially for dark spots on skin. In general, ginseng whitens the skin while also providing many vitamins and antioxidants for anti-aging benefits.

5. Avocado

I absolutely love making avocado smoothies and it’s nice to know that those smoothies are actually really good for my skin as well as my tummy. Avocados contain many good natural fats and oils, therefore they lock in the moisture on your skin. If you suffer from having dry patches on your skin, I would most definitely recommend you get products with Avocado oil in them because they will moisturize your skin in an instant. Avocado oil can also be used on your nails or even in your hair especially when you want to treat those split ends!

6. Tomato

Not only are tomatoes packed with vitamins that do wonders for your skin, but they are also filled with moisture. Tomatoes are also great for controlling the amount of oil on your face because they can easily be made into astringents. However, tomatoes however are most well known for their brightening effect. Because the tomato extract is very light on the skin, it absorbs into the skin instantly while brightening up the dark spots on your face.

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  1. Great post!! I've always wanted to post something like this in my blog but I just don't have the references. Still, thanks so much! By the way, for the Tomato skincare line from Skinfood, is it new? Looks interesting as I've always wanted to try than line. I guess it has been upgraded?
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