Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Beauty Secrets: Part 1: Face Mapping

I wanted to start a new series called Beauty Secrets where I tell you guys information about the topic of interest. The first topic will be Acne because many of us still struggle to fight acne.
Do notice that your acne tends to reappear in the same locations?
If so, its no coincidence.  The location of your pimples often shows the cause of them. By solving the root of your problems may be the answer to solving your agonizing pimple days.

Zone 1 and 2: Forehead: Digestive System
If you're getting a lot of trouble spots on your foerhead, I would recommend that you eat less processed or junk food. The acne on this area is a result of the amount of fat that you consume on a regular basis. Instead of grabbing a bag of chips, I recommend you eat more cooling foods such as cucumbers and instead of soda or sugary drinks, always ALWAYS go for water.

Zone 3: Between your Eyebrows: Liver
I know you college students enjoy going to all those frat parties and late night events but if you want to reduce the acne in this are I recommend you cut out alcohol from your diet. Once again, break outs in this area are caused by a toxin buildup. Also try to minimize your intake of carbonated and caffeinated drinks. Although that extra burst of energy may be hard to compromise, its all for the better!

Zone 4 and 5: Eyes: Kidneys
Any irritation near the eyes including dark circles can be because of dehydration. Drink more water instead of sugary juices, coffee, and sweet tea. Remember that you should be drinking 8 glasses of water everyday.

Zone 6: Nose: Heart
Any kind of troublesome spots including dry skin around the sides of your nose, black heads, and acne might be because of your blood pressure. Check you blood pressure to make sure it's not too high. Try to cut back on the spicy foods and red meat. Also, check to see that none of your make up is past the expiration date for this area can easily be clogged. A interesting tip many Koreans use is that instead of checking the expiration date, they check the production date to make sure not too many chemicals and preservatives have been added into the product.

Zone 7 and 8: Ears: Kidneys
Once again! It's really vital if you want clear skin and a healthy body that you drink your daily dose of water EVERYDAY.

Zone 9 and 10: Cheeks: Respiratory system.
Anything from smoking weed, cigarettes, or allergies can be the cause of breakouts in this region. If you don't smoke or have allergies, it may also be a cause from the pollution in the air. Also, Overeating can create breakouts in this area. One thing to remember though is hygiene. Remember to wipe down your cell phone once in a while because thats where all the bacteria lies the most! Other than your cell phone, I would recommend you change your pillow sheets at least once a week!

Zone 11 and 12: Sides of Chin: Hormones
Especially for us girls, its inevitable that we go through a roller coaster of hormones and emotions every month. However, some things that can minimize the side effects of your constantly changing hormones is to get an good night's sleep and eating foods rich of good hormones such as pomegranates.

Zone 13 Lower Chin:Stomach
Once again, it shows that our diet is really important to our health. Cut down on sugary foods and start eating protein, fibers, and water. lots and lots of water.

Zone 14:Neck: Illness
Lastly, if you have any break outs in this area, it could be due to a recent contact with a disease, or because your body is trying to fight off a disease. The best way to stay healthy is to exercise and sleep well!


  1. Thankyou! It's very useful to me and interesting. ♡

  2. Im glad I found this post. I really hate getting breakouts even though I'm eating healthy and washing my face properly.


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