Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Review: Etude House Play Color Eyes #1 So Hot Play

My absolute favorite makeup products are eyeshadows and lip products. When I saw the Etude House Play Color Eyes Palette, I could not resist in buying the palette because of its wide variety of colors. A color that's really been catching my eye these days is burgundy. This palette incorporates a nice matte Burgundy color with many shimmery and sparkly other colors.

I just want to start off by complimenting the packaging of this palette. I absolutely LOVE the packaging of this palette. The color choice of the packaging really reflects the colors inside the packaging. Not only are the colors gorgeous, but the packaging is also very sturdy. 

This palette comes in two different color ranges. #1 So Hot Play and #2 So Chic Play. A picture of the #2 So Chic Play is down below: 

I can't help but be reminded of the Urban Decay Naked Palette whenever I see this palette. The color range is almost a mash up of the Naked 1 and the Naked 3 palette. If you're looking for a cheaper dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, I recommend you try out the Etude House Play Color Eyes Palette in #2 So Chic.

I however, decided to purchase the #1 So Hot Play because the color range was so intriguing. Down below are the swatches for the eyeshadow colors. This palette comes with 12 colors: Party Gold (Sparkling), Burning Red (Matte), Temptation (Matte), Naked (Matte), Pony Tail (Shimmer), Modern City (Shimmer), Chic Blue (Shimmer), All Night (Shimmer), Snow Queen (Sparkling), Military Khaki (Shimmer)
I absolutely LOVE the color scheme in this palette. Yes some of the colors I wouldn't use on a daily basis but they're still nice to have for those days that you want a pop of color.
The only down side to this palette is that like many Etude House eyeshadows, the fallout is crazy. Especially for the Sparkling Eyeshadow finishes. Both Party Gold and Snow Queen have more fallout than actual eyeshadow that you apply onto your eyes. Other than that, I absolutely love this eyeshadow palette.

Final Rating: 4/5
  • Has good pigmentation
  • Has a wide variety of colors
  • Shadows last all day with use of primer.
  • Cheap. Retails for 24,000 Won (24 USD)

  • Fallout for shimmery eyeshadows are bad.
  • Some of the colors can't be used on a daily basis.
  • Do not last too long without primer

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