Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Review: Etude House Color My Brows

I don't normally do my eyebrows. Just because it adds another step to my daily makeup routine and I feel like my eyebrows are dark enough to not fill in. However, I recently dyed the roots of my hair a lighter brown than usual because my grandma told me that I needed to leave the dye in for longer than what is on the box to make the color more prominent.. but it just turned my hair super light at the roots.
I felt like because my roots were so light, I had to do something to my brows in order to balance out my hair color. I ordered this off of because I really wanted to try out a Brow Mascara.

As you can see this product comes in 5 different colors:
  1.  Rich Brown
  2. Light Brown
  3. Red Brown
  4. Natural Brown
  5. Blondie Brown
I ended up ordering number 1 Rich Brown.. Actually I thought I ordered 4 Natural Brown but I accidentally seemed to click on Rich Brown instead.
Honestly, I wasn't very impressed with the color of the mascara because well.. I was expecting a lighter color. In the pictures, it seemed that each color would actually be very bright and vibrant on the eyebrows. Maybe it's because I have dark black eyebrows but I felt that when I applied the product, it just made my brows look even darker than they already are.
This is what they have on their website. But look at the actual swatch of the product:
Honestly, I wasn't expecting such a dark color. Judging but the pictures, it seemed that the rich brown would be enough but I guess not. Also, I saw different reviews of this product with Koreans and they all seemed to love the product. Then I realized that I, living in California have much darker skin than most of the people who absolutely loved the product. I figured that the product does not show up as well on darker skin. So if you also have dark skin like me, I suggest you just go for a lighter color in general.
Also, I feel like the product just came out on my eyebrow in large clumps. I had to go through with a separate brush in order to evenly distribute the product on my eyebrows. The product is hard to control when you just brush it over your eyebrows.

Final Rating: 2.5/5 I was very disappointed with this product for it was my first eyebrow product yet it did not live up to the name that it has.

  • Has a large color range
  • Cheap, so if the color doesn't suit you, you can just go get another one with out splurging too much.
  • Does not have good pigmentation
  • Amount of product you apply on your eyebrows is hard to control because of the head of the brush being pretty thick.

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