Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekly Favorites: Skinfood Darkcircle Concealer Cream

Today I bring to you one of the most talked about Korean concealers. The Skinfood Darkcirlce Concealer Cream.
Like it says on the jar, this concealer is for your dark circles. I don't know about you guys but I am a college student deprived of sleep every day. So one thing I do everyday is use this concealer to hide the Panda eyes.

This product retails for 8,000W which is about 7US dollars and comes in a 10g jar.  It comes in two shades: #1 Salmon Blooming and #2 Salmon Beige. I ended up getting #2 because unlike most Koreans I am very dark. 
So the coverage of this concealer is absolutely amazing. Because of the salmon undertone of the concealer itself, it does a good job when concealing my dark circles
Before:                                                     After:

I guess the one thing that I am wary about when it comes to this concealer is that it does crease after a while. However, with a little powder, this can easily be looked over.
Honestly for the price of 8,000Won I think this concealer is completely worth it. The concealer itself sets to a matte finish and has a florally scent to it.
The concealer is supposed to have salmon oil keeping you from drying your under eyes.

I've been using this concealer everyday for a couple of weeks and I seriously did not even make a dent in the concealer. This product will last forever.
Final Ratings:
I think this concealer is absolutely great. It blends easily, has good coverage, and stays in place all day.
Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Coverage: 4/5
Blend-ableness 4/5
The only thing that I dislike about this product is that it comes in a jar. So you have to stick your finger or brush into it every time you use it, in my opinion, which isn't too sanitary.
However, I seriously do think you guys should check this concealer out.


  1. i have this too and i literally got a whole different opinion about it. it has a shiny finish and doesnt last very long o_o

  2. Hmm.. this is my holy grail concealer.. do you use a powder on top of the concealer as well?


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