Saturday, March 22, 2014

Beauty Secrets: Korean Dewy Radiant Skin

For those of you who don't know, I've recently been hired by to write for their website regarding Korean makeup and beauty! Here is my first ever article that I posted on lxedit. I hope you guys enjoy and help me grow!
When you watch Korean Dramas, have you ever noticed that the female lead characters actually do not put on a lot of makeup? Even if the celebrities do not have a lot of eyeshadow or eyeliner on, one trend that can be spotted in every Korean drama is that the female lead always has dewy, radiant skin. In Korea, they call this kind of skin 물광피부 (mul- kwang- pi- bu) which in direct translation means watery light skin. This "water- light" skin has been a trend in Korean celebrities for many years. Koreans enjoy a more dewy finish rather than the typicalmatte finish. This dewy, radiant skin can be recreated in many ways.

1. A Moisturizing Primer
The main purpose of a primer is to help allow your face makeup to adhere better to your skin. However, when you use a moisturizing primer, the moisture from the primer will be just enough to peek under your normal foundation or BB Cream. Some of the most well know Korean moisturizing primer brands include Banila Co, VDL, and Clio.

2. Glowing BB Cream
In Korea, they have BB Creams with a sparkly, glowing finish. Products like the 3CE Glowing BB Cream come with shimmers and sparkles within the BB Cream itself. Because it can be a bit overwhelming to use on its own, this BB Cream is a nice product to use to highlight the high points of your face. However, for those who do wish to use this product for their entire face, this product has enough coverage to be used without a separate concealer.


3. Mixing a BB Cream with a Illuminator
If you do not wish to purchase a separate product just to apply on the high points of your face, there is a separate illuminator that you can mix with your BB Cream. Purchasing an illuminator may be more convenient because they are generally cheaper than purchasing a whole BB Cream.  The Espoir Illuminator is well know for its unique shape. The product itself is embedded with shimmery highlighting balls that give off its natural sparkle within the liquid of the product.
4. Highlighter
ET61010Lastly, when trying to achieve the appearance of the dewy Korean skin, you can use a highlighter. Highlighters come in many different forms. You can either purchase a powder highlighter, a liquid highlighter, or a stick highlighter. Applying a highlighter is the easiest way to gain the appearance of the Korean dewy look because you just need to apply it into your skin directly on the high points of your face such as your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. The variety of the highlighters all have different benefits that you can pick and choose from. The stick highlighter is easy to apply without any other brushes. The powder highlighter has more fine shimmers and a variety of colors you can choose from where as the liquid highlighter really has a long lasting power.

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