Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weekly Favorites: Winter Essentials

Finally, after a cold winter here in Santa Cruz, the weather has finally began to become warmer. I EVEN SAW BUTTERFLIES TODAY! Since the season is changing, I thought it would be nice to have a Winter Favorites post.

1. Fresh Soy Face Cream

I don't know about anyone else but whenever the seasons change, my skin starts to peel, especially in the cold winter days. My skin actually has to completely peel about 2 or 3 layers until it goes back to normal, but in that process, it hurts like CRAZY. I found that this face cream is nice and thick while not being too oily so it really helps prevent my skin from going through that whole peeling process. I just squeeze a small amount and apply a thin layer all over my skin and it keeps all the moisture locked into my skin. This face cream works miracles people.
2. Mise En Scene Damage Care Perfect Serum
This serum was another purchase on a whim.. what else is new. HA. I was walking in EMART a Korean supermarket and saw that they were having a buy one get one free event with this serum so I picked it up. I really need to stop these spontaneous purchases. sigh. Anyways, this serum not only smells REALLY nice, it also does a good job with helping your split ends. I dyed my hair for the first time this summer and because of that, I saw that my hair actually became quite damaged because I started dyeing my hair every couple of months because I didn't like how my roots contrasted with the tips of my hair. I apply this serum almost every day after I step out of the shower when my hair is still damp only to the ends of my hair and then I blow dry it. I found that it also protects my hair from the heat when I blow dry my hair because I saw a difference in the frizzyness of my hair. Before I used this serum, I would wake up to a lion's mane however, I found that my hair stays more in place with the weight of this serum on it. One thing I don't like about this serum is after you apply it, your hands are super oily, so you have to wash your hands to completely get the serum off your hands. But other then that, for the price, I think it's a very nice product.

3. Skin Food Facial Vita Cooling Stick
For me, gloomy weather makes me just want to stay in bed all day. Unfortunately, the winter season comes with gloomy mornings most days here in Santa Cruz. That's where this product would come in. I would leave this product by my bed and grab for it as soon as I opened my eyes. I would just rub this over my eyelids and let it soak in for a while. It doesn't really moisturize your eyes like a eye cream but it does have a cooling sensation. It does have a light fruity scent though so if you don't like anything scented near your eyes, then I would stay away from this product. However, the cooling sensation feels nice after a late night's sleep and also helps depuff the eyes. So for all you late night owls, if you suffer from puffy eyelids in the early mornings, I would recommend you try this product out.
4. HERA UV Mist Cushion
Maybe it's because the weather in Santa Cruz during the winter where it's always raining, I had such a hard time waking up this quarter. I would wake up 15 minutes before class starts and I would find myself frantically trying to get ready to go to class because my class is also a long walk away. This product really helped me not look like a hobo. HA. The compact packaging really helped because I would throw it in my bag and start applying it on my long walk to class or on the bus. Not only is the packaging really nice and compact for a BB cream, it also has good coverage and has a semi dewy finish, leaving a healthy glow on your skin. There are many other brands that offer a mist cushion (for those of you who don't know what a mist cushion is, its a small sponge where the BB cream is soaked into and you use a small applicator to pat it into your skin.) However, I really think the Hera and the IOPE ones  are the best. I know that IOPE was the original creator of the mist cushion but Hera is a more high end brand, and for most products, I believe there is a reason why a high end product is so much more expensive than the drugstore products. The reason being they use either better materials for both the product itself and the packaging or that they are tested more in the labs. Anyways. This Hera UV Mist Cushion was a life savor for me this quarter and if any of you guys are looking to buy a mist cushion product, I would recommend either IOPE or Hera than Etude House or Missha.
5. Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick
I know that I've already talked about this product in one of my earlier reviews, but I just wanted to put it in my Favorites list just because I feel like this was definitely a color I used almost everyday this season. The color that I use is #6 Maple Burgundy Pink Like I said before, I like wearing darker colors in the fall and winter seasons just because I think the whole burgundy trend fits the colors of winter of fall more than spring and summer. Go read my review on this lipstick if you want to know the details on it!
6. Banila Co Kiss Scandalist Lip Gloss
Although I didn't wear this product every day, I still think this was a product I found myself reaching for more often than I normally do. I would layer the gloss on top of the Innisfree Color Glow lipstick because this lipgloss is actually a gorgeous plum color that compliments the brightness of the Innisfree Color glow lipstick. The color I use on top of my lipstick is #8 Egoist. One interesting thing about this lipgloss is that if you twist the bottom of the lipgloss, the lipgloss oozes out of the small pores on the top of the applicator. However, if you turn the bottom of the lipgloss the other way, the lipgloss goes back into the tube. I've never seen a lipgloss like this so I think it was really nice that way, you don't waste any trying to wipe the top of the lipgloss clean, instead you just twist the product back into the applicator.

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