Friday, March 28, 2014

Tutorial: EXO Tao Inspired Smokey Eye Tutorial

Can you guys tell how much I like EXO yet? hehe Since I'm on spring break, I was watching videos on Youtube and was once again inspired by Mr. Huang Zi Tao.

I know it may seem weird if guys wear makeup but I absolutely LOVE my EXO so... hehe. here goes!

 1. Apply a brown eyeshadow to create a natural gradient effect.
 2. Apply a silver/ gray eyeshadow up to your crease. Just apply a light wash because the eyeshadow will be smudged on top of the eyeshadow.
 3. Draw a thin line on your upper lash line. Make sure you fill in your water line too.
 4. Fill in your lower lash line. The point of this look is the bottom lash line. So we're going to make the look more bottom heavy than top heavy.
 5. Connect your eye liner to the upper lash line. Wing out your upper lash line upward. 
 6. Connect your lower lash line to your upper wing. 
 7. Using a darker grey shimmery eyeshadow, smudge out the eyeliner. 
8. Curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara.

Maybe I'll do the entire EXO only because I really love them.. hehe Compare your final look to Mr. Huang Zi Tao. What do you guys think? hehe Leave your thoughts down below! :)


  1. I'm an exo fans too! Hehe
    And you're such a genius! Not exaggerated :D
    Been reading your blog ever since i find out on soompi, keep it up! Hwaiting!

    1. WOW You're so sweet to me! Thanks for keeping up with my blog! If you ever have any requests, don't be afraid to ask!! :)

  2. Thank you so much! I've done both your tao and baekhyun tutorial and it was amazing!
    You have a nice blog and i wish you would post more tutorial soon!

    1. Thanks for enjoying my posts! I'll try to post more often! Thanks for the support!!

  3. waaaawoooo i love eye makup tao. i wish you would post more eye makeup to exo overdose tutorial soon. You have a pretty blog.

  4. I HOPE YOU DO MORE OF THESE TUTORIALS! I don't think I've ever seen a girl do a tutorial off a guy idol's make-up, so this is really cool to me! And it looks really pretty!


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